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High School Angst

Okay, so I am cleaning out my files and have found essays from High School Comp class. Here are some particularly angsty soentences that Mr. Allen put up with.

“In the previous story, I only thought I was in love. In the following story I knew I was in love, even if it was only the strongest love a 15-year-old can feel.”

“Time is a mental state, not calendar time. Another week went by and we talked about love again.”

“Not even by one month had we used the “L” word.”

“Then I proceeded to give him the biggest hug.”

“In fact, having blue eyes is the only thing that makes me at risk for skin cancer.”

“With my calloused right hand I have started keeping journals filled with tales of former boyfriends, memories of special nights, and recollections of ruined summer vacations.”

“I’m a self starter. I generally self start myself in too many activities; bands, art, accelerated courses, speech team, school plays, lighting crew… all things I’ve self started in.”

“Since my education plans have changed, I can almost assure you my future plans will change in College. I will, however, tell you of my very short term plans, my short term plans, and my long term plans.”

“Finally, I want to graduate with qualifications to teach high school band.”

About Oedipus I wrote, “His many character flaws were normal and all very human, but when mixed, as his were, could lead to disaster. I feel these shortcomings made a person who had the ability to make people trust him with the audacity to stab them in the back.”

“Examples of when common sense is used correctly are hard to remember. That reason for that is when a person uses common sense she doesn’t end up with embarrassing memories that stick out in her mind.”

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