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Home for the Holy Days

I got back from BlogOrlando around 10AM yesterday and stayed home from work today to bake challah for Rosh Hashanah. Holy cow, the holy days are already here! A few things on my mind.

1. BlogOrlando is one of the top two conferences I’ve been to. For me it is up there with mesh conference (an Edelman client, but an amazing conference none-the-less). Amazing people who are working in this space I call mine and not just talking about working in the space. A weekend with my peers, great energy from central Florida and some time to relax. It was a much needed break.

2. Rosh Hashanah is here which means I’m reading Torah tomorrow. I. Am. Scared.

3. I’m baking challah, but realize I don’t need as much this year. The friend I promised to bake for didn’t think I was serious and just about dropped the phone when I called to tell her what time to pick up. I wish I had more people to bake for or a more traditional dinner to go to, but I don’t. Instead I’ll be heading to an Indian buffet on Devon with other friends. Most of us don’t have family in town, so we are family to each other around the holy days.

4. Something is wrong with my feet. I’m in too much pain on my long walks for it to be bad shoes. Sigh. I don’t want to have fucked up ankles at 31. My guess it is early signs of arthritis, which runs on both sides of my family. I’m still going to Atlanta, but I’m going to accept that I might only be able to do 10 miles a day instead of 20.

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