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Home safe.

I’m home safe from a long day of travel which just goes to prove how wimpy I can be about travel. The sinus thing that got going yesterday is still thinking about starting up. But it was worth flying there and back today, just to sleep in my own bed tonight.

One highlight was that I finally got to meet the CEO of my company, Richard Edelman. That was pretty cool. He’s much less intimidating in person that I’d imagined, but just as energetic as I’d been told. I got to put a few other faces to names and had one person say, “Oh, you’re Leah Jones.” Which seemed like a good “Oh, you’re you” and not a bad one.

I was able was not able to meet up with any blog friends, next time I won’t do this silly fly-in and out thing. But, like I said, my duvet is waiting for me.

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