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Home safely.

I just want to write a brief entry, more will be written tonight.

I am sitting at my sister’s house in Decatur, Illinois. Aah. It feels so good to be home. The crying jag I kept waiting for never happened, so that must mean coming home was the right thing to do. Or that I’m in total denial and think I’m going back to London. But I think it was the right decision.

I had a quiet birthday with my sister in Decatur, complete with a full body massage at a Mt. Zion Spa. yummy. Then snacks and cheesecake. Our parents made the trek over to spend an hour with us here in Decatur. It was very nice.

My flight was uneventful, the train was uneventful. I will write about my escapades at the Chelsea Match and in Greenwhich with Miia and Teemu.

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