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Hooray for Singulair

Other than wielding the jaws of life, my new doctor also gave me a prescription for Singulair. Not the cell phone service Cingular, but Singulair–the once a day asthma/allergy pill. This little magic pill is GREAT! I am no longer wheezing after putting my my perfume in the morning and today I spent an easy 35 minutes on the eliptical trainer at the gym. I power walked through the cold air and came out on the other side with no wheezing.

Those cute little sneezes of mine–the ones that come in threes, that I deny have any relation to allergies and whose only purpose is to make me the center of attention? Gone. My cute sneezes are gone. Now I’ll have to find a new cute body function to have, but I’m okay with saying goodbye to the sneezes. I can also tell when I’ve hit the 24 hour mark, because my chest tightens a little. I guess I’ve been having the asthma relapse for longer than I realized.

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