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Housewarming preparations

Dominick’s is less than three blocks from my condo. So it seemed like a brilliant idea to walk over there this morning to get six bottles of wine, a few pounds of cheese, crackers, some fruit, bread, and some paper towels. Oh for added awkwardness a baguette and a boquet of flowers.

It is incredibly humid today and somewhere around 90 degrees. Anybody know how heavy six bottles of wine is–without adding 6 more bags of groceries? Then WALK home with them? Am I insane? Yes, the answer is yes. Insane and retarded and still trying to recover from the three block walk with about 50 lbs of items in plastic bags.

In other news, the boxes are now in my storage unit (that was easy–why did it take me two months to do it?) and I am nearly ready to sweep the floor. Just some sand to deal with in my bedroom and towels to fold.

And. And. And.

Who am I kidding, I’ll be cleaning until 6PM when the first guests arrive. “Help yourself to some cheese, I’ll be in the shower.”

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