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How to sanitize and expiration dates.

Today was day two of Sanitation Class. I chatted a lot more with my neighbors in the class, the same neighbors as last week since every person sat in the exact same class. With the exception of the Irish lady, she moved up in order to hear better.

Again, it was a good class and I learned a lot. 6 inches off the floor, away from the wall, 18 inches from the ceiling. 50-60 degrees F and 50% humidity… or is it 50 degrees and 50 to 60% humidity. Hmm. .. it might even be 45 or 41. Grrr. The magic numbers of food safety.

Otherwise it is hot and humid, so I am holed up in my room drinking Warsteiner and reading Love in the Time of Cholera. It is time for another chapter, so more later.

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