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Howd you get here, why do you read?

Yes, yes, you all know it. I love seeing the searches that people do to find me. Okay, not to find me, but who find me while looking for something else. A sprinkling…

  1. A Google search for “what is the square root of leah april?

  2. Another search for “how to say goodbye in Jewish ” which oddly leads to a post I wrote a million years before I converted.

  3. Two hits today, TWO, for “updates on King of the road ” from two different countries.

  4. And people, we are gonna have to do a lesson on advance search options, cause I don’t think you wanted me when you searched “hot to tell personality by photo myspace NINJA ” Ninja? NINJA?

  5. However, I am pround to be the Number One Google Result for “short temper for shit talk .”

That said, a lot of you seem to actually be looking for the blog Accidentally Jewish or information on converting to Judaism. Did I meet you on my journey to Israel? Did you meet me at last year’s BlogHer and you want to reconnect? Is it the same three people who can’t remember my url?

I just ask, because my hits have doubled since I came home from Israel. I certainly have more people commenting (thank you) and more people seem to be returning. So maybe, just maybe, you’ll tell me a little bit about you in the comments? What do you want to read more of from me? What do you like about this blog?

Please and thank you.

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