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Huzzah! an “A” level gift given

First of all, I blew it by not getting Ashqi something for her birthday (or remembering it) and on her birthday yapping about the perfect present I got Ronnie and gave him a month in advance. I’m an asshole. Sigh.

Ronnie got the second shirt I got at T-shirt Deli (the first is for my nephew who loves pants.) I got him shirt with his favorite palindrome. Remember, that is the day when I cheated on Neighborhoodies. The personlized shirt/sweat shirt. A wonderful gift IF and only IF you can come up with the right saying. When I was deep in my Neighborhoodie madness, I would wonder and wonder… “What should my Neighborhoodie say?” Eventually I settled on “Schaal Avenue” which is the street I grew up on and became Neighborhoodie of The Day, when I submitted a photo of me with Weird Al.

So I explain that the gift is insanely early, but I thought he might want it on vacation and I wasn’t even certain he’d like it. The personalized shirt is hit or miss, some people aren’t Neighborhoodie people. (Michael and Danny and all the lovers at Neighborhoodies, I’m trying to get you the links to make up for my transgression.)

This time, however, I made the right call. The Palindrome was well received, even if it can’t be worn to work. Not exactly Mr. Logo, he reported that he wore it today and showed a few people his “awesome” shirt.

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