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Huzzah! Prosperity!

It isn’t a secret that I keep from people, I’m into prosperity thinking. Art of Allowing. Law of Attraction. Positive Intentions. All that good stuff. Mind over matter. Life as a buffet, not a limited pizza pie. Some days I’m good at prosperity thinking and other days I’m not so good.

Sometimes prosperity comes in the form of a windfall or a raise. Sometimes it comes in the form of a $20 in your pocket. This week for me it came in the form of two free tickets to a Cubs game and two reduced bills. My ComEd bills were massive the last two months. $142 and $130 when they hadn’t been over $60 in two years. Ouch.

I called to check that meter wasn’t broken and request that things get checked out. Things got checked out and ComEd sent me a letter telling me that things were working and properly assessed. “Dear sir or madam, Pay your damn bill, sincerely, ComEd.”

So I avoided opening the bill. I have been a light policewoman this month. Making sure that lights go off when I leave a room, using a lamp instead of my track lights, piling on blankets instead of turning the heat back on. Prosperity knocked when I opened the bill today and saw that I owe NOTHING. While my meter is working, my meter hadn’t actually been read. I had $130 credit and won’t owe anything until June. Whew.

The same thing happened with another bill. I expected it to be $125 and it was $50. I’ll take this sort of prosperity while I wait for a windfall or fabulous new salary.

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