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I <3 the interwebs

This first very cold weekend has found my curled up by the warmth of my MacBook Pro, watching videos and finding new things on the interwebs. Since I’ve been twittering and saving links all night and morning, I thought I would actually share some here.

1. CK pointed it out on Jewlicious and, being the fangirl that I am, I checked out Designist Dream. Say it out loud, “De Zionist Dream.” Yes! Israeli design! And I’ve even bought one of the featured products!

2. For no good reason, I started watching proposals on YouTube last night. I watched some awful ones, but saw four great marriage proposals (and didn’t get all snarky and bitter from the viewing, a good change) They are Ted and Anna at Scrubs, Chicago’s own My Early Muir Owl, the animated Love Letters and a LA film maker’s proposal that involves Segway Scooters!

3. Go to Neatorama and help them pick the best viral videos of 2007 . The benefit? You can watch the ones you missed.

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