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I am a homeowner.

Just before 4:00PM, central standard time, I became a mortgage carrying homeowner. Or condo owner, no nitpicking. I now own my own place.

At noon my realtor picked me up and took me on my walk-through. Yep. The condo was still there and the items that needed fixin’, got fixed. Hooray! Then it was off to the bank to get my $4000 bank check and then out to TICOR Title company in Niles. We got there early, so we went to SuperDawgs for SuperDawgs.

I finally got to meet my lawyer, Simon. He was great. He explained everything in the right amount of detail. I signed and initialed and dated one million pieces of paper. It was much less dramatic than I expected. A bunch of people who cross paths regularly in the business, sitting around and chatting, while I signed up for two 30 year mortgages. Affidavits that I was me when I used my middle initial and when I didn’t use my middle initial. Affidavits declaring I did not want to fight with the credit bureaus on my score. Affidavits saying the page was indeed blank.

In the end, I was handed an envelope with keys in it. My mortgage guy gave me a hug. My realtor gave me a hug. Simon shook my hand and we all went home. And now I own a home.

Holy shit.

I was even able to schedule time with my rabbi for tomorrow–he is going to help me hang my mezuzah properly. Then it won’t just be any home, but a jewish home as well.

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