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I am now unemployed… sort of.

Technically, I’m not unemployed until Sunday. I have two days off and three comp days in the next five days. But in reality, yesterday was my last day working at Sweet Occasions. Whoa. I can’t believe I resigned and I can’t believe I don’t have a job. I am unemployed for the first time in three years, since I moved to Chicago from Durango.

Of course that time I was a bit of a wreck–no savings, few friends, no idea of what I wanted to do. This time I have savings and friends, but no idea what I want to do. Here is my current dream job.

9-5, monday-friday. Paid vacation Paid holidays Health Insurance Retirement Direct Deposit Pay between 40-45K (I decided that 42K would be about perfect, although is pretty random.) Business Casual environment (I won’t have to buy suits, but I won’t be in the jeans and t-shirts of ice cream anymore. Basically, I would be expected to look nice everyday.) In the city or on the Northside, but not in a suburb (other than Evanston.) Room for advancement, training, and stuff.

How does that sound? I am with one placement agency already and am signing up with another. I am going to take the typing test again, this time online. I’ll have to find another computer, because mine doesn’t have a K and that really slows things down. I guess I’ll be at Kinko’s this afternoon.

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