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I came here to get out of my head.

Of the eleven people in my BEGINNING improv class at Annoyance Theater, I am the only beginner. As we went around the room stating our name, improv experience, and home town, each person had a long resume of improv experience and funny comments. Second City level D, Comedy Sportz level 404, Improv Olympic 3. I had nothing and it felt wierd to say. “Hi, I’m Leah and I have no improv experience.” “None?” “I was a stand up comic and I’ve watched a lot of improv.”

“Well, sometimes people who have no experience don’t come back after the first week. Don’t be scared and just keep coming back.”

“Oh,” I confirmed, “I’ll be here next week.”

“Maybe you’ll be better than all of us,” a classmate commented.

“Yeah, beginners mind and all.” Another chimed in.

I learned they were all there, “to get out of my head.” That is improv speak for thinking too much about a scene. I am there to stretch a new creative muscle and stay out of my head.

I’m going to go have a hamburger, but when I get back I will continue dissecting the class and my classmates and my first two and a half hours of my improv career.

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