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I can barely sit still.

Did I mention that I am leaving for Belfast in a matter of hours? To see my friend Hayden for the first time in six years? And that I am trying to get comfortable in a new pair of jeans?

It is probably the jeans, more than anything else, that is making it hard to sit. That are making it hard to breathe, actually. But, according to my coworker Helena, my ass is perfectly proportioned and looks great. So, in spite of the fact that there are little black dots swimming in front of my eyes, I am going to wear the jeans in Belfast. This is part of my assimilation into British Culture–tight trousers and jeans.

Also, I would like to thank the anonymous person who signed up for the mailing list. It’s an option on the right side of the page. Then anytime I update the page, you get an email. This could get annoying, because sometimes I’ll go back and edit something three times. But, it’s kind of like a fan club of one. So thank you, founding member of my mailing list. I have also surpassed 1100 hits since I started writing this in November. Anyone who needs an ego boost should write a blog and have people consistently read it.

okay, my jeans are going to make me pass out, so I need to go put on sweatpants. Cheerio until Monday when I will return with stories and visions from Northern Ireland.

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