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I dont write music reviews… (Calvin Marty and The Sunken Ships)

I wish I could write music reviews, but I don’t. I lost my critical ear for music when I hung up my oboe in the late 1990s. Now all music opinion comes from somewhere near my heart. Music is the soundtrack for triumph, heartbreak, cleaning, writing, sleeping… but it doesn’t come with a critical point of view.

That said.

Last night my heart was broken and mended and broken and mended, by the amazing, soulful music of Calvin Marty & The Sunken Ships. It was risky, going to the launch of their first album, but I went. I’m friends with the drummer and sort of know the lead singer, so the risk is in not enjoying the art a friend makes.

That was so not the case with this show. I think they get compared to Jeff Buckley somewhere online. Jeff Buckley breaks my heart. In part, because his songs are haunting and in part, because his songs are the soundtrack of my own heartbreak.

The comparison is apt… sort of. Calvin Marty & The Sunken Ships haunt, but also rock. The show was amazing. The ballads would have made us all cry, if we weren’t so damn excited to see them release the album. Except, maybe one or two songs really made me cry.

Here’s the deal. This band is going to be huge. No ifs, ands or buts. Huge. They can pluck on strings between souls in a live show and be the soundtrack of life through headphones. Go see them live in Chicago if you have the chance, buy their CD and fall in love with the music.

And then tell them that you fell in love with them after you finished reading something that wasn’t a music review. If this was a music review, which it isn’t, it would be two thumbs up, 5 star, ZOMG go buy this album review… just in case you weren’t sure.

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