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I got an email from…

Today I got my last roll of London photos developed, which included the night when I met Weird Al. Now, when I met him I was starstruck, years I’d thought about meeting him.

In between taking the photo and getting them developed, both his parents died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Which makes running around with pictures of me and Weird Al, well, weird. And insensitive. But, at the same time, I got to meet Weird Al.

So today I went on the and found the small print of where to send fan art to Al. I didn’t know what to say, because I am aware of what happened and being starstruck seems unimportant when dealing with someone who has just lost his parents. So I wrote and sent my thoughts and prayers and included the photo.

Tonight his drummer, Bermuda Schwartz, emailed me to say thank you and that he would pass along the email and photo at an appropriate time. I’m sure the whole band is grieving with Al. How can you not? I think Al and John have been working together for nearly 25 years. Somewhere along the way, friendships with the families formed and the band must feel as if their own parents have passed away–or at least an aunt and uncle.

I can’t relate. My folks are healthy and well and very few of my friends have lost parents yet. Only one friend immediately springs to mind, but I knew her after the sudden death of her father and certainly didn’t understand what was happening.

Anyway, I will keep Al and his new family in my thoughts and prayers and try to stifle the urge to run around, yelling “I MET HIM! HERE’S A PHOTO!”

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