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I havent been keeping up.


I haven’t been writing much lately. Why? Half self censorship and half total lack of exciting and new things to write about. I realize that my contract with the blogosphere was to continue to view Chicago as a tourist, newbie, child’s eye. But the truth is that I rarely leave my five block radius, making it hard to find new and exciting things to write about.

Things in my 5 block radius I have been working on.

  1. I recently got a new Financial Advisor in Durango, Colorado. Yes, I’ve lived in Chicago for over two years, but I keep my IRA in Colorado. Why? Smaller firm that treats me like a person that matters instead of a twenty something single woman with less than $10,000 in retirement. So I am working on changing some things around in my future money and my new advisor is interested in helping me. I’m the same age as her daughters, so I think that helps.

  2. I have nearly finished the Idiots Guide to Understanding Judaism. I kept it hidden in my room, because explaining it to my roommate seemed like it might be hard. Then I forgot and left it on the coffee table. He saw it and we had a good conversation about Judaism. It isn’t my secret research on him, but a curiosity of three or four years of mine. Now it is on the coffee table, as all Idiot’s Guides should be.

  3. My cat continues to shed on EVERYTHING. I got a slipcover and it is already gray from his hair. I don’t know what to do to address the shedding. He is also incredibly lonely and I can tell because he is sleeping next to my head lately. When he isn’t lonely and I am around enough, then he sleeps by my feet or in his hammock.

  4. I have been reading a lot of articles by Shmuley Boteach. He is the orthodox rabbi that wrote Kosher Sex and Dating and the Ten Commandments. Two of the best relationship books out there, I have loaned them out one too many times and now have neither copy. These were my introductions to Judaism (via his appearances on Loveline). Anyway, he is politically conservative which is bothersome, but the relationship stuff is brilliant. So is the pop culture stuff. Take a look.

So I’m reading a lot lately and sleeping a lot and trying to remember I now have a tv and I can watch shows. Rory had sex with Dean in the season finale of Gilmore Girls, which I only just saw last week. Just in time for season four to start.

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