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I just dont know what to do with myself

I made a set of photos on Flickr of my favorite moments. Almost every moment had to do with the company I kept while I was on the trip. It should come as no surprise that things did not work out the way I’d hoped.

I no longer want to chat about my amazing trip to Israel or my strolls around Jerusalem.

Every moment I was in Israel, I was either missing him or incredibly happy to be with him. Whatever was happening, my heart was expanding and I felt like the end-o-story Grinch.

“And what happened then…? Well…in Who-ville they say That the Grinch’s small heart Grew three sizes that day!”

I suppose eventually someone will feel that way about me, but I can’t imagine that day. Not right now. There isn’t a part in the tale of the Grinch where the heart gets popped and goes back to being two sizes too small.

I suppose there is that consolation.

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