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I keep waiting for it to feel like work.

Welcome to the best job I’ve ever had. Working at Sweet Occasions is the most fun I’ve had at work, ever. Better than being an RA, an RD, a rape counselor, or a waitress. Yesterday I was supposed to be off, but told the owners they were crazy and that I would come in. Okay, but only from 1-6 and then I can go home. By about 4:30, it was clear that I wasn’t going to go home. So a day off morphed into a ten hour work day, but it was a blast.

We were exhausted, hungry, and dehydrated. The rushes of customers were so closely spaced, there wasn’t time to eat or down a soda for energy. The result? Silliness. We got slappy, silly, and spacey, but we had so much fun doing it.

The things that made us laugh histerically won’t translate here. Like a floating island of rasberry sorbet in the dipping well that I left behind or the beauty of my whip creme on a sundae or my whip creme technique. There was the time that Andy re-tared my scale–that was HILARIOUS, but only because we were ready to pass out. Some ice creams were so rock hard, that when I had to scoop it, I’d get halfway through a cone (or quart) and then the boys would have to rescue me and I’d go scoop something softer.

See. None of it sounds like fun or funny, but it was a great time. I love my job. And I’m tired. So, I’m gonna eat and go to bed by 8PM.

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