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I, Leah Jones, am reason enough.

There are some things I want to do, accomplish, welcome into my life this year. Let’s see if I can put them into words.

1. More space. I’ve been in my condo 2.5 years, can you believe it? April 2005 is when I closed and moved in, just days before my personal May 31, deadline. I always thought this was the last space before I got married, but maybe it isn’t. Maybe I get a dining room and a dining room table before I get married.

2. Committed to healthier living. Exercise, eating right, laughing enough. All that good stuff. Remember when I was in London and if I wanted a snack, first I’d climb to the 10th floor of Lightfoot Hall on Manresa Road? Yeah, I want to be that Leah again.

3. I want to meet a man who thinks I’m reason enough to come to Edgewater. I don’t want him to come up with excuses to see me, but who will admit that I am reason enough. You know, the way I do with my friends.

4. I want to meet a man whom I think is reason enough to go wherever he is. I don’t want to come up with excuses to see him, but I will admit that he is reason enough. You know, the way I do with my friends.

5. Committed to more writing and more reading. This blackberry has eaten up my morning commute, formerly known as “WHEN I READ BOOKS” but I’m no longer a reader. Sigh.

6. Organization. Everything in a place or in the trash (alley, donation bin, etc).

7. Tzedaka, more of it and with more joy.

8. Shabbat, more of it and with more joy.

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