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I love my condo. Yeah!

Have I mentioned that I love the colors I painted my condo? I do. So much that I went to the jungle at North and Clyborn to buy more organizational and frivolous things for my new space. I used my Crate & Barrel gift certificate to by a stainless steel platter and some stainless steel coasters. It rang up exactly $51 dollars, no change, nothing. Pretty good on a $50 gift cert.

This was after completely exploring The Container Store, CB2, Crate and Barrel, Wold Cost Plus Market, and the Pottery Barn. This was after allowing myself to feel that me and my newly painted condo deserve nice, pretty things.

Mainly I went with functional. A suction cup thing to hold the dish sponge. Two hooks to hold the broom and the swiffer (giving them homes in a closet and not just in the corner of the living room.) Mighty Movers for the feet of my furniture and bookshelves (which I later found at my neighborhood hardware store for almost $2 less, but I’d used the Mighty Movers and you can’t return used things. Damn.) A thing to divide the cabinet with the cookie trays into more usable space. And the two pretty things from CB2. That is why people give you gift cards, for pretty things you wouldn’t normally buy.

Now I’m back home in my warm and inviting living room. I even bought THREE pillar candles yesterday at Pier One. The scent is Ginger Peach and even though it still reminds me of Tokyo Boy, I like the candles enough to buy more of them. Those candles are now on my pretty platter from CB2.

Time to put the books back on the bookshelves and go to a movie.

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