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I love you JewSchool, I feel angry about you JewSchool

Today I got super annoyed with Jewschool and the latest Shabot 6000. It takes a stab at Reform conversions and the punch line is “Their only requirement is they make you watch Fiddler on The Roof.” I responded there. You would think that as a stand up comic and occasional improv who does a great/terrible retard on stage, that I could deal with this better. I can see how it is funny, but we are fighting those stereotypes all the time.

On the same day, they also announced a new blog with devar torah called Radical Torah. And this is one of the reasons I love Jewschool.

“Radical Torah is a weblog which features multiple takes on parshat hashavua (the weekly Torah portion), as seen through the lens of progressive religious and political viewpoints. The project seeks to create a resource of authentically Jewish responses to pertinent social justice issues, timed in accordance with their relevancy to the Jewish calendar.

How exciting is that? They are working to make Torah really available to Jews who are new to Torah. Who want to respond to it in a new way. It is an amazing project. I don’t know much about Torah, otherwise I’d be sighing up to help. Since I can’t yet, I’ll just tell you to keep your eyes on Radical Torah and Jewschool.

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