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I met him. The one.

Last night a dream came true. You wait your whole life to meet “the one” and maybe, if you’re lucky, you meet him. I met him last night and, as I typically do, lost all ability to be witty, charming, or remarkable. I saw him step through the door into the hallway, everything went dim, I got dizzy, I floated and viewed us from the ceiling and we were the only two people in the world.

I started to shake. My friends were talking and acting normal, didn’t they know who this was? No, because he is my “the one” and not their’s. Scott got the conversation going for us and introduced us like old friends. I stood there, mute and shaking. Soon I shook his hand and stood next to him for a photo.

Last night I met Wierd Al Yankovic. Wierd Al. I first listened to him on Dr. Demento through the wall we shared with our brother’s room. Later, my sister and I became fans on our own right. We would make fake videos and sing every song over and over and over. We continued buying the albums into High School. I never got too cool for Al, which might explain the stand-up comedy and eternal singledom I am in. You probably get to start dating once you get too cool for Wierd Al.

I’ll get too cool for Wierd Al next week.

Anyway, Scott Derenger opened for him last night at the College of DuPage. He got me a free ticket and then backstage after the show to meet him. I couldn’t talk, I just stood there shaking. I like to think that I am one of the cutest girls who has not been able to function around him, but still… I have to learn how to do this fame thing better. I only did marginally better with Dr. Drew and Ralph Nader.

So. Al is tall, his hair is long and very curly. He drinks tea after the show. He signs autographs and takes photos. He seems very humble and like he’s never gotten used to fame. The show is fantastic (even though there was certainly some lip syncing)and the crowd is always so into it, that it is amazing and fun.

The next time I meet him, I hope I can speak… Maybe I’ll tell him about the show at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

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