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I owe you a post (or eight)

It is the fourth night of hanukah and my writing has been light this week. There are good reasons for that. First of all–I spent two lovely days at my sister’s house for Christmas and Boxing Day. Then after I got home on Boxing Day, I started throwing up and spent an intimate night with my toilet. The next day I called in sick to work and ate some saltines and drank some 7UP and barely moved. Today I forced myself out of bed and off to work.

Now I’m home, having had a Jamba Juice smoothie to ease myself into solids. I got my eyebrows waxed by a woman who apparently thinks that I shouldn’t have eyebrows at all–so nobody laugh at me while I grow them back in. She insisted on going after the gray hairs in my eyebrows–the gray hairs HURT very badly when they get plucked. She used scissors, tweezers, wax, oil. Good grief lady, they weren’t that bad to start with. It is going to take me six weeks (or six months) to grow them back to what is in fashion now. It isn’t like I could complain in the store. First of all, I always think they look fine in the store. Second of all, “Can you put some back in over here?” doesn’t work.

I also went to see the Chabad menorah in Daley plaza and on my way thought I saw Mr. Potential. But I couldn’t walk up and say, “Are you Mr. Potential?” Not with the eyebrows I don’t have anymore.

Anyway, I’m going to join my neighbors for solid food.

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