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If Im going to be working in P.R.

Yeah, I realize that administrative assistant is exactly a career in Public Relations. It is temping in Public Relations. Needless to say, it is time to find was what P.R. is. For all my friends and college cohorts who majored in or now work in P.R., who know what it is?

The Public Relations Society of America, that’s who. And so does who wants to help people avoid the career pitfall of NOT KNOWING what P.R. is. Apparently people who major in P.R. don’t even know what they are supposed to be doing, so if the temp doesn’t know…

A lot of people have a lot to say about Public Relations. My cousin has had a good life doing P.R. Maybe this is the first step of something exciting. It is the first step of something, regardless of whether or no this is my next big career.

A former co-worker called yesterday to congratulate me on the new job. “Man Leah, you’ve got everything coming together. You’re condo is going great, you gotta new job. All you need is to convince that friend of yours to date you.”

Yep. That’s all that is left. Romance and clothes to wear to work. Today is shopping day, so I best get in the shower so I’m ready to rip up the racks at some mall.

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