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If you are grumpy and you know it, go outside.

I don’t know what happened, but I woke up on the wrong side of my bed this morning. Not really. It’s only a full bed and I sleep alone, so both sides belong to me. But my mood, people, my mood was rotten. I haven’t really had a night in (not complaining) since my

bat mitzvah and my living room is a federal disaster area. This morning I had to battle some ants, which made me late, and then battle traffic, which made me later.

I then spent the entire morning being grumpy. And then I went outside. The sun is out in Chicago today and I had my first picnic of the spring. (And my last lunch in my 20s. Holy shit, I’ll be 30 tomorrow!) The sunshine and the warmth on my back really cranked my mood up about 12 notches.

So consider this a public service announcement. Go outside. Go now. GO.

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