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IKEA, I just met a store named IKEA!

Truth be told, I have been to IKEA before. Twice before. But today I went as a homeowner and only spent $50. Why? The couch I’d expected to love was a dud and the stools that were perfect were oversold. So I got a nightstand, a bag of 100 votive candles, a new vase, magnets for the fridge, and that thingy for the plastic shopping bags.

It all started out innocently enough. Sitting at Kopi cafe with Cathy, planning our pedicures for that afternoon when she mentioned, “IKEA. Would you want to go?” YES! YES! Oh god, yes. Whimper, whimper.

So we got our coffee to go and headed west to IKEA. I considered a number of items–but in the end got so few things. Part because the trip was unplanned and I wasn’t totally in the IKEA frame of mind. Part because I don’t officially have the new job or spiffy new paycheck. I want EVERYTHING at IKEA.

I want 10 foot long curtains. 200 thread count duvet covers. PYONG chairs. Chopsticks, mirrors, the umbrella for $4. Nothing makes me feel more materialistic than IKEA. Not true, I have to be fair to my friend Target.

All I’m saying is–next time you come over, I can’t offer you a couch to sleep on–but I will light one of my 100 votive candles for you. I think you are worth the $0.08 I spent on each and every one.

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