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Im coming home!

February 4th, baby. 3:50PM at O’Hare aiport. Be there or be square. Actually, don’t worry, I’ll take a cab to my apartment. My apartment that I had nightmares about last night. I dreamt that Scott didn’t clean the kitchen for the last three months and that there were maggots in the kitchen sink and flies all over the door to the patio. Ugh. Scott this is your warning–you have two and half weeks to clean the kitchen and bathroom.

I plan on working a couple days in the Chicago office and then taking a week off. Do laundry at the clean laundromat where I never dye my clothes. Ride the el that is always $3 round trip and not $8. And be phone-less. We don’t have a phone at the apartment anymore and I’m not going to turn on my cell phone for the week.

Yeah, for the week. At the end of the week, I’m coming back to London. But just for a few weeks, then I’m home for good on the 5th of March. Four months total–that is how long I spent in La Plata, a typical IES Semester. Four months abroad. Soaking up the culture, cultivating a life-long love of a location, planning the next tatoo.

I think I’ll pass on getting a London tatoo, it has not captured me the way that Argentina did, or even Mexico in two weeks, or Japan in 10 days, or Belfast in 3 days. I don’t know why London doesn’t do it for me, my friends who studied here have made it their second home and for me, it has not become that.

So, Chicago, here I come. February 4th. 3:50PM. O’Hare International Arrivals.

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