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Im not doing it for the jokes.

For the 80th time, I’M NOT CONVERTING FOR THE JOKES. Yes, I realize, sometimes I’m a stand-up comic, sometimes I’m an improv comic, sometimes I’m a writer–but I’m not converting for the jokes. That was a Seinfeld episode and isn’t my life.

And I actually haven’t even seen that episode, although I should probably rent it so I have some sort of response when people say, “Oh, like the dentist on Seinfeld, he did it for the jokes.”

I have been asked by my Rabbi to write an essay on “what judaism means to me and why I want it for my life.” He said to keep it short–no more than five pages. I will write the essay again in December, when I finish my year of study. Then we’ll see how much I changed/learned over the course of the year.

I think I’ll also work on an annotated bibliography of my conversion. With the books I read on purpose and the accidentally jewish books I read. Maybe movies too.

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