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improv take 4

Today was class number four of level four with Mick at Annoyance. It was great, terrifying, fun–as always. This week I finally got some feedback from Mark, which was the same stuff Mick tells me, so I tried to pay attention to it and use it.

In a couple scenes I chose to be LOUD. We are talking Drum Major Loud, “Death is not an option” Loud, Quick call 911 Loud. LOUD LOUD LOUD. And that was a lot of fun.

Since today is the first day of Passover, I didn’t have to work. Instead I went to the Side Street for a burger with the rest of class. My last piece of bread for the week. Passover (or Pesach) was going to be easy before I realized that Croissants are also bread. Now a main pre-7AM staple is out the window and I have no good substitute in the house.

I’m just getting dressed to leave for the seder now and am a bit scatterbrained. Very nervous, trying to turn on my energy and be ready to talk. I was pretty much a wallflower at lunch with class today. Oh well. I don’t have any interest in the social improv banter. “Hi, I’m Mike. What other shows?teams/schools are you in.” “I’m Leah. None.” “Oh.” End of conversation, as I am of no use to you Mr. Improv and Mr. Improv has no other common ground to find with me.

It was very nice to run into a friend from my days at the Tequila Roadhouse. Jamie and I haven’t seen each other in well over a year. The first words out of his mouth were, “Is that Leah? Man, you lost a LOT of weight.” That was nice.

Okay, seder time.

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