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In 2006, Christmas is the new Holiday

After last year’s boycotts and the craziness driven by O’Reilly, Christmas is back in force. I went to the Rack on State Street today and every store is RED and every store is saying CHRISTMAS. Already and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet. Good grief, Bill O’Reilly. Even if I wasn’t Jewish, I would think it was a little early and a little overboard.

In other news, when I was walking down Bryn Mawr (rockin’ out with my iPod) I heard a thump. I looked across the street and saw a guy walking across a police car. Wah?

He was jumping off the trunk when I looked, but from how much the cop car was still moving, he had obviously jumped onto the hood, walked up the windsheild, over the lights, and down the back. I glanced around and didn’t see the cop or anyone else, other than his two friends, who had seen him do it.


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