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In reverse chronological order

Friday: Update my LinkedIn profile , created a Visionati profile, got interviewed by Esther K for an article about conversion, and went out to the burbs to meet with the team from Techno Tribe and get ready to do some collaborating.

Thursday: Spent the day at Edelman (where I’m still consulting part-time), went to Calling All Creatives networking event hosted by at Crimson , and then showed up very late to Tech Cocktail where I saw… everyone (including @me3dia, @thexander, @kitmueller, @kristinnicole2, @deadvoter, @timjahn, @tamcdonald, @blagica, @mjcarrjr and more people I’m forgetting) except Frank Gruber. Then everyone went to Risque Cafe for American beers and laughs. I’m afraid that I’m going to miss people, but everyone included @speciakevin, @scottfmurphy, @kbarrick, @jessio, @karitas, @enuno, @willenglishiv, @piratealice, @shandelle, @zesmerelda, @harper, @pszimmer, @krzimmer and … I know I’m forgetting people. Gah!

Wednesday: Spent the day with in my co-working space with the agencies I’m partnering with on some new business. Those guys are Aspirant Marketing, Moniker Creative and Blueberry Ln. Had my final nutrition class at Peak Performance and overall lost 13 lbs in the 6 week class and cleanse.

Tuesday: Another day at Edelman and an evening at Matilda with friends from Twitter.

Monday: A lot like Wednesday.

Sunday: Spent the day bartering with Scott. He fixed up my laptop and I coached him in social media.

Saturday: Celebrated a bar mitzvah in the morning and then spent the afternoon shopping and cooking with Scott for a game night. I made spinach balls and meatballs. Everyone came to the party and my appetizers were devoured.

Friday: Had a social media coaching session with Joel who is Waveplant Studios. I made my company more official by opening a bank account, then Scott and I had dinner at Matilda and then went to the Jeff Tweedy solo show at The Vic. Now I get why people are so crazy in love with Jeff Tweedy. He was funny and amazing. I’m gonna buy some albums.

Thursday: Had a social media coaching session with Billy Pacholski, a very gifted psychic and friend from Millikin, and then we went to Twestival and saw everyone. See lists above for an idea of who everyone is.

Wednesday: Had a social media coaching session with the kick ass band I Fight Dragons and an information architecture meeting with Idan Gazit.

So… that’s how things have been going. Work all day, network in the evening and plan what is coming up. What’s coming up?

On March 7-8, I’ll be spending the night at Hotel Sax with 8 other women for Sleepover 2.0. It will all be streamed live on the internet. Yes. an 18 hour sleepover with 9 nerdy chicago ladies.

March 13 to 17, I’ll be at SXSWi for the first time. I’m trying to line up training sessions with some folks while I’m there and organize a workshop for local theaters.

March 23, I’ll be celebrating another birthday… 32. How did that happen?

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