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In which our heroine re-enters the online dating world.

I hope it doesn’t last too long, but I’ve re-opened my JDate profile and at Diane’s urging I’m also now on LavaLife.

But there are only 12 Jewish guys on Lavalife, so it doesn’t seem too promising. On JDate, however, there are at least 47 Jewish guys. So that’s something, right?

In the meantime, I’m finally out of my pajamas and am going to finally get some coffee (about 7 hours later than usual.) After my coffee fill, it is off to my friend Greg’s house for The Big Game. It’ll be quiet around here this afternoon, as everyone in the city is pretty much required to get in front of a TV to watch the Game, the Commercials, or The Puppy Bowl. I hope I chose wisely in choosing the Game over the Puppy Bowl. This is one of those things–if the Bears win, I don’t want to be the one person who didn’t watch.

Oh, yeah. If you have a really great photograph of me, will you send it my way? I need better photos for this dating pool thing.

UPDATE: I shot this one when I got home from watching The Big Game. I’m only smiling cause I’m not outside freezing.

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