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In which our heroine realizes that going out with Catholics is no way to meet Jews.

I broke a long running dry spell last night. I went on a date. I know, I know, you all have been waiting for hysterical dating antics for well over a year and I simply have not provided. On Saturday morning, while I was studying Torah at a coffee shop, I got hit on. Holy moley! What?

You see, the shop was crowded and I had a table that was large enough for two. I offered him the other seat. He saw the hebrew in front of me and started asking questions. We decided to meet up again to talk more about Judaism. We met up last night for dinner at Moody’s. Mmmm, fireplace. Mmmmm, burgers.

And then he made a cross over his chest as he said grace. And I thought to myself, “You know what Leah, I think you really DO want to date a Jewish boy.” Someone as committed to Judaism as this guy is to his Catholicism would be nice. Someone who whispers a bracha before he dives into his burger, that would be nice. But the truth is, I want to date someone Jewish. Not someone who is interested in Judaism, but someone who is Jewish.

I have to say, it was very nice to have someone want to go on a date with me. Someone call when he was running late. Call to confirm plans. All these were very nice things. But I’m gonna need something else.

On that note, you may now set me up with NJBs* in Chicago. Seriously, you can. I will go on dates. I will make witty conversation, offer to pay my half of the bill and maybe even wear lipstick. If he could be serious about his Judaism, but also accept my conversion as valid–that would be nice. And if you don’t start setting me up, I’m going to start paying for JDate on February 15.

*NJB = Nice Jewish Boy (there was some confusion.)

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