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In which we discover that in addition to a frozen sense of humor, my trope has some problems too.

Other than being overly sensitive to strange viral marketing, I also am having some trope memory challenges. I’m studying with my cantor for my bat mitzvah (March 17, 11:00 AM, be there or be square) every week or so. As it creeps closer and closer, my brain seems to be functioning less and less.

A phrase I have no problem with one sunday, will have completely flown the coop the next week. So this morning it was verse 32 that I struggled and last week it was verse 35. Oy gevalt. Anyone else do these adult b’nei mitzvot? If I can’t get through these, then what hope do I have of ever heading to Jerusalem to try out Rabbinical school?

But it’s fun and my grade school music teacher would appreciate how well my voice has held up over years of neglect. And when it is all over, I can return to my life of modern Hebrew.

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