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Interesting Stat Stuff

I had to get rid of my web counter that gave me a really good stat breakdown on my blog. Unfortunately it was putting pop-ups and shit on people’s computers and that isn’t cool at all. Here are some things I’ve learned from the stats the blog-city provides me.

1. If you do a google search for Chicago Blog, this little blog shows up in the top five hits. So a lot of people are doing a super generic search and get me. Wow. Welcome to my corner of Chicago folks.

2. People that love food and people that deal with food are also big readers. I get a lot of referals from Chowhound and a lot from Weight Watchers.

3. People that have time to wander Gapersblock and Chicago Improv Forum are also likely to click on the link to this and come visit.

4. For some reason, if you do a google for National Treasure Spoilers–you’ll also get me. Bizarre. I never saw the movie and certainly never spoiled it.

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