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Inviting Everyone

I’m currently working on a plan to move my couch to my bedroom, borrow an extra table and find 6-8 more chairs for my shabbat dinner on Friday night. I forgot to set an RSVP cap on the dinner for my minyan and I’m not going to turn people away. The max I’ve had over for dinner is 12 and now I have RSVPs for 15 (which I think is closer to 20).

A friend commented that I was selfless and inviting when she heard me trying to find another table and additional chairs. Another said to cap the RSVP on dinner and tell people to find somewhere else. I just can’t do that.

Here’s where I think it comes from…

Growing up, my twin sister and I had one birthday party that I recall that was for non-family. It was our 11th birthday and was a pizza party at Maurizio’s – the amazing joint around the corner from our house.

The rule was that if we were inviting anyone from our class, we were inviting everyone.

So we invited the whole class grade – two classrooms of 5th graders – to come to Maurizio’s for pizza and cake. It was a big deal and lots of people came. Nobody in the class had to see invitations be passed out, but passed by. Everyone was invited and welcome, everyone felt good about it.

Now that’s what I do with parties – I generally have very open invitations lists. I think the more the merrier and I love seeing my groups of friends mix in my kitchen and living room.

Do I have space in my house for a formal, sit down 20 person dinner? No.

Will I make space? Yes. It will be so fun and memorable… and in the future I will set a cap on RSVPs or find another location or a second location.

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