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Is Challah supposed to taste….

Is challah supposed to taste so much like flour? It rose and looks nice, good texture, but boy does it taste like flour. I told some of the women tonight that I made challah and most were very surprised. The Rabbi’s wife has only made it once (the rabbi had his 50th anniversary tonight) and it was the same day the Rabbi made it for the first time. The Rabbi is 88 and his wife was an independent woman who didn’t bother with making challah.

It was a nice service and I feel like I’m catching on more and more. Tonight there was another girl there, in her 20’s, also considering the jewish way of life. We were introduced by the cantor. What was different tonight was that I went alone and sat behind a row of women. Then Joy came up and sat right next to me and Norah came and sat on the other side. There was something really wierd at first, but then I realized–this is community and making me feel welcome.

The shmoozing is hard for me, after the service, over coffee. If I’m serving the coffee, I’m a chatty cathy. If I’m on the other side of the pot, I can’t be quiet quick enough it seems.

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