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Is it really only Tuesday?

Gosh. It feels like this week has been forever long. My nephew Henry is now a week old. It seems that my brother is moving back to Indiana after more than ten years away.

And me? I bought a lot of jewish household stuff today at the Merchandise Mart. A women took me under her wing and helped me pick out a kiddush cup, candlesticks, challah board, and seder set. Also a basic Mezuzah for my door, kosher parchment, The Book of Why, and a shabbat cloth to cover the challah. Oh and a hanukiah (menorah for Hanukkah

I passed on some of the nicer items, because I think I should have a household before I have beautiful things for shabbat and passover. But the items I got are really nice. Simple, modern, all silver. She keyed into my sense of style and helped me put together a nice selection of things. It was expensive, but I didn’t pay retail. (See Chad, you were right, I’ll never pay retail again.) She also offered to help organize my “I’m a Jew” party, but I think that’s putting the cart before the horse a little.

Last night was my improv class and my teacher seems to be making less of the eye contact that makes me squirm. Whew. He must look at everyone that way and I was being uber-sensitive to it. Last night we had a great class and focused on SPACE and our relationship to it. I did some very fun scenes and laughed a lot at/with my classmates.

And then I had my quarterly chicken pot pie date with Ronnie. To date, Ronnie has ignored every mention of me converting–and since he is my closest jewish friend, this made me a LOT anxious. First we talked about work and improv, then we talked about his recent trip to Australia, and towards the end of dinner I just said, “So. I’m converting to Judaism.”

It was good to finally talk to him about it. Yeah, he’s Mr. Super Secular, but he’s still an important part of my jewish jigsaw puzzle. He offered Hebrew help–he’s fluent and I’m, um, far from fluent. He’s never known anyone to convert outside of a engagement, but most people haven’t really, have they?

Then today was another marathon day at the Merchandise Mart. Now it is time to rest my weary feet and continue answering my personal ad responses.

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