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Is there a nicer way to say you wont date Jews?

Yes. I know. I prefer to date Jewish men. That is why I was using Jdate this spring and why I write ads that liberally use Jewishy sounding words like torah, hebrew and Jewish.

I just came across an ad of a man who was looking for a woman with values. I am down with values. In fact, I have a (semi)date coming up with a man who has values. Perhaps, I thought, this man would be a possible date for me. Values, values, values. Or maybe not.

He wrote:

Please,I don’t wanna know anything boutcha if you’ve:

*Puked on someone (as an adult) *Been involved in anything ending with “some” *Bumped doughnuts (this one is an exception) *”Dated” for money *Celebrated Hanukah *Used the word “like” more than once in a sentence (as an adult)

Wow. Let me understand… being Jewish is right between a Valley Girl vocabulary and being a prostitute. What if you are Jewish, but don’t celebrate Hanukah, but Chanukah? Also, there have to be great words that end in “some” that would be acceptable to this gentleman.

Now taking suggestions.

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