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Its a small world.

It has been Synchronicity Galore this week.

Yesterday a customer came in with a donation solicitation letter from a new local theater. Almost the entire company is made of fellow Millikin Graduates that are my age. In fact the Development Director was a resident of mine in Oakland Street Hall.

Last night I went to the Daily for dinner and who is sitting at the middle table? The three women from that theater who I was talking about earlier in the day. It was wierd, cause I recognized them and sat facing them. They didn’t see me, so I felt a little like I was spying and a little like I was at The Winery in Decatur, Illinois.

The other bit of worlds colliding is happening at the Metro on Friday night. Rock N Roll’s Band, P-1, is opening the 9:30 show on Friday night. Even though things didn’t work out with him, I still like the band. I looked at the line-up and who are they opening for? A band made entirely of Millikin people that are my age. 56 Hope Road is closing the show. I was lab partners with the Bass Player freshman year. Wild.

Then last night I had a vivid dream in which I 1) got my mortgage 2) made out with my high school boyfriend Michael in front of everyone I now know 3) called my temple a church and 4) my coworker went to the grocery store. In the end, my coworker indeed went grocery shopping last night. Today I am confident that I will hear from the Lending Tree company about my mortgage and on Friday I’ll be able to meet with a realtor.

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