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Its Mayday God Damn It!

That was one of my more memorable lines tonight during improv class. Other lines from scenes that were memorable were:

Brandon: You smell like pork.

Larry: You know the rules for riding shotgun. Me: No talking about apples? Larry: Don’t speak unless spoken to.

Boston Guy: You’re system has silly rules. Me: I will make you follow the rules.

Tall Ice Cream Guy: I wish I could forget what happened last year. I’ve been so hurt since you called me sloppy. Me: GET YOUR CLOGS ON! It’s Mayday, God Damn It!

Needless to say, Level Three of improv started tonight. Other than the fact I tended to play emotionally needy wives and girlfriends, it was a fun, fun night. The new teacher is great and the class is teeny, tiny. I’m glad I was able to advocate for keeping the Monday night class. I think it will be great.

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