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Jet Lag seems to equal “save to draft”

I haven’t been able to put pixel to screen since I got back from Israel, other than my mega-round-up link fest for my fellow geeks. On Sunday evening, I hopped back into Edelman mode and have been at an internal conference as faculty this week. A good way to ease back into real life.

I’ve stepped up my “toying with the idea” of moving to Israel to “doing some research” about moving to Israel. Not making Aliyah, but going for a year or two. I don’t know how, when or if this will really happen, but I’m taking it a bit more seriously than in the past. I don’t think Israel will cure all that ails me (being single), but I think the endless sunshine and endless cups of coffee would be good for me.

Other than that, I still have a half-emptied backpack in the middle of my kitchen floor and a melon that is going to get over-ripe before I can eat it. Okay, back to work.

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