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Jews & Love & Holidays

This shabbat was also Tu B’Av, which was celebrated in Chicago with big ol’ singles parties that I didn’t attend. I’m a Grinch, sometimes. And I was busy at the Tribune Tweet-up, so didn’t need to go to a bar and yell at people, when I could go to a bar and speak with people.

I went looking for a bit about Tu B’Av, since it is one of those minor holidays I don’t know a lot about. From the OU, I found this quote.

“And the daughters of Jerusalem would go out and dance in the vineyards located on the outskirts of the city. And everyone who didn’t have a wife would go there.” “And what would they say?” “Young man, lift up your eyes and choose wisely. Don’t look only at physical beauty – look rather at the family – ‘For charm is false, and beauty is vanity. A G-d – fearing woman is the one to be praised…’ (“Mishlei”/Proverbs 31:30)”

I like that. “Don’t look only at physical beauty.”

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