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John Kerry, Family Health, and walking.

Tonight I limped home from the gym and paused outside of a number of apartments. Not just to try and tweek my back into the right position, but to hear snippets of the Kerry nomination acceptance speech floating out of open windows. It seemed that 1/2 of the TVs in my neighborhood were tuned into the speech. Just like last night, when I left and heard Edwards and Sharpton coming from under the doors of my neighbors.

My dad took a fall off of a ladder today in Indy. He is now instructed to carry an ekg chart in his wallet to show to doctors who are not familiar with his heart’s fingerprint. I felt a little disconnected when I got a call from my sister saying he was all clear, when I never knew there was a problem to start with. That is one problem of working in retail. I’m not glued to my computer all day to recieve notices like this one.

We also learned a fascinating fact of falls and head trauma. From the impact of an intense fall, your head can acutally flatten. There is enough fat and skin that can be pushed around by the floor and your skull appears to have a new, Navajo-ish shape. Luckily, by the time Mom got to the hospital, things had started to move back in place.

Tomorrow my goals are simple. Yoga at 8AM, garage sale to buy lots of baby clothes at 11AM, laundry, sort through junk mail, go to the bank, and um… take a nap in the sun. 🙂

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