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Johnny Knoxville.

Okay, okay. Today I hopped on the Northern Line of the Tube and headed back up to Camden Markets. Today I had the goal of finally buying a Johnny Knoxville T-shirt. I don’t know exactly why, but I have coveted the shirt since the first time I went to Camden Markets in November. Two months later, I still wanted it–so I figured that it is probably okay to buy it.

It is a men’s black t-shirt (in a medium, after 8 years of XL and XXL, I bought a medium) and has a photo of Johnny Knoxville and under it is simply says, “KNOXVILLE.” It is cheesey (and tight) but fun. I look forward to sporting it this spring in Chicago.

I also tried to buy some more conservative work shirts, but wasn’t really in the shopping mood by the time I got to Debenham’s. I tried on a couple shirts, boring. I was also half-heartedly trying to find new PJs. Needless to say, I bought two CDs instead of the clothes.

Moby-18 and Chick Flicks Ultimate Love Songs. The people at HMV should not have let me buy the Ultimate Love Songs–but I apparently lost my mind and bought it. It is all stuff I like, but not exactly the mood-lifting music that I need write now. It was either that or a three CD box set of the Ultimate Country Tearjerkers. I think the Love Songs were a better choice.

But, the Moby CD that I have kind of wanted for two years–that was worth it. So back to my apartment to listen to Moby and look at my Knoxville t-shirt.

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