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June 28 to July 11, where will I be?

I’ll be in Israel, of course, for ROI120 and a bit of sight seeing. More important than the places I’ll go, are the people I’ll meet.

I just had a reader delurk from Jerusalem and invite me for anything from coffee to shabbat with her family. Such a generous offer and certainly one of the things I love about the blogosphere and Israel.

My rough plans right now are:

Arrive on Thursday June 29 and head to Tel Aviv. Celebrate with Newlywed friends and maybe meet Tel Aviv based bloggers.

Friday afternoon head to Modi’in to spend shabbat with a progressive female rabbi in a community that is targeting north americans for Aliyah.

Sunday head to Jerusalem for ROI120 and stay through Thursday.

I want to do kabbalat shabbat at the Kotel on Friday night, beyond that things are unplanned. (This is where my delurked reader has offered her hospitality.)

From there I think I want to head north to Haifa, but I’d rather get to know people than just take photographs of landmarks. I did, after all, go to Mini Israel. I’ve seen it all, but it was small.

Bloggers I hope to meet other than the Jewlicious folks at ROI120.

  1. Lisa Goldman (who isn’t Alison’s sister, even though they are in my head)

  2. Photographer Ouria Tadmor

  3. I would love to meet people involved in Israelity

  4. I would love to go on a photo expedition with Israeli photographers who use

I’m still technically on a blogging hiatus, this is planning. Are you a reader in Israel? Are you a blogger I did or didn’t mention? It is possible I didn’t realize you were in Israel or I haven’t had enough coffee yet. Are you a reader? Are you a reader who has connections in Israel?

Again, meeting people is more important than seeing things. Although I do want to see more than Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the highway in the middle this time. Thoughts?

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