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June 28 to July 11, where will I be?

I’ll be in Israel, of course, for ROI120 and a bit of sight seeing. More important than the places I’ll go, are the people I’ll meet.

I just had a reader delurk from Jerusalem and invite me for anything from coffee to shabbat with her family. Such a generous offer and certainly one of the things I love about the blogosphere and Israel.

My rough plans right now are:

Arrive on Thursday June 29 and head to Tel Aviv. Celebrate with Newlywed friends and maybe meet Tel Aviv based bloggers.

Friday afternoon head to Modi’in to spend shabbat with a progressive female rabbi in a community that is targeting north americans for Aliyah.

Sunday head to Jerusalem for ROI120 and stay through Thursday.

I want to do kabbalat shabbat at the Kotel on Friday night, beyond that things are unplanned. (This is where my delurked reader has offered her hospitality.)

From there I think I want to head north to Haifa, but I’d rather get to know people than just take photographs of landmarks. I did, after all, go to Mini Israel. I’ve seen it all, but it was small.

Bloggers I hope to meet other than the Jewlicious folks at ROI120.

  1. Idan Gazit

  2. Alison Sommer

  3. Lisa Goldman (who isn’t Alison’s sister, even though they are in my head)

  4. Photographer Ouria Tadmor

  5. I would love to meet people involved in Israelity

  6. I would love to go on a photo expedition with Israeli photographers who use

I’m still technically on a blogging hiatus, this is planning. Are you a reader in Israel? Are you a blogger I did or didn’t mention? It is possible I didn’t realize you were in Israel or I haven’t had enough coffee yet. Are you a reader? Are you a reader who has connections in Israel?

Again, meeting people is more important than seeing things. Although I do want to see more than Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the highway in the middle this time. Thoughts?

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