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Just like a movie.

Tonight I felt like the 1st person camera angle in a movie, a British movie. For the first time since I’ve been in London, I actually went out on the town with two London men. They are two of the men who built the building I work in, so they have great friendships with the other women in the building. I joined them for drinks at eight over eight–A posh little bar at the end of the King’s Road. So posh that we sat next to a major former famous national team Rugby player and then Foxy–a a well known DJ–came in to the bar. The Rugby player was massive, like 6’7 and built like a train. He didn’t look so big until we walked by and I barely came up to his shoulder.

Anyway, out it comes that I am a stand up and suddenly we are out the door on our way to Joengler’s, a local comedy club–so I can hop up on stage. But, plans changed before we hailed our Taxi and we headed to the West End instead. In the back of the London Taxi, Graham and I sat on the fold down jump seats facing Maureen and Matt. The men sang pub songs, Maureen joined in, and I laughed. It was like being the camera in a fantastic “night on the town” movie, except it was my night on the town. When the cabbie, from Battersea, would brake hard, Matt would come flying out of his seat and land in my lap. No one warned me about this common Black Taxi trick of their’s, but I just laughed–every time.

We went to Bar 12, instead of Joengler’s. Bar 12 is a basement, hole in the wall of an alley around the corner from an alley in the West End. On the way there we passed Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, and it was just past the Palace where Le Miserable is playing. Graham swears that if I told someone in LA that I went to Bar 12 in London, everyone who is anyone would know what I was talking about.

Bar 12 was a seedy little bar, totally committed to music. It was somewhere that a famous guitar player could definitely step on stage with a local band, just for fun. We were there for 3 different bands, but stayed in the side bar behind the stage. Our bartender had a pretty impressive mohawk and leaned on the fridge reading the newspaper. Although we stayed for 3 bands, we only had one pint and then we were off to one last bar.

When we got outside, Graham was suddenly struck by a headache and hopped on a bus. Since a number 19 was there, we hopped on the back of the double decker and called it a night.

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