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Kellogg & American Airlines Frequent Flyer

I was on Craigslist and went to the Wanted section. That is where I found a post from a girl named Nicole. One of her best friends lives in Australia and she is trying to get her here for her wedding. She is trying to collect 75,000 miles from the Kellog Cereal and American Airlines program.

I can understand trying to gather friends from around the world, so I thought I’d leave a link and her story. Maybe some of you eat cereal.


I am getting married in the summer of 2005 and desperately want to fly my good friend in for the wedding. Unfortunately she lives in Australia and neither of us can afford the flight or have enough frequent flyer points for the ticket. We met in 98 when we were both teaching English in China and have stayed close friends ever since. She came to the States in 2000 and then we met again in central Asia in 2001 to travel a portion of the Silk Road (we did the China portion when we were living in China). Unfortunately, we are both in Graduate school at the moment and low on funds. My fianc

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